Sunday, August 24, 2014

Service For Converting Old Electrical Appliances To LED Lights

Old Electrical Appliance To LED Conversion
Have you got any old electrical appliances around your home, that are broken and not repairable? 

Does the idea of having those appliances recycled into a cool looking LED light interest you? Well now you have the chance to rebirth those old appliances, into something of use again!

Whilst the appliance may be not worth repairing back to it's old form, it sure can be worth converting it to an LED light? Imagine having your own individual LED creation!

What about an old retro Braun Super Compact 1200W hairdryer from the 80's. converted into a SuperCool LED light, looking at home in any bathroom.

Or the Ronson Blender, now converted into an LED light suited to any kitchen wanting an artistic addition. 

Currently we are 100% sure you will not find another of the above items anywhere on the planet! So if you want to boast to your friends you have the world's first LED appliance of your choice, then you need to call us.

Ronson LED One Touch Blender
You may not have got around to throwing out the appliance due to it's sentimental value or the fact that even though it is broken it is a cherished item of choice for you.

Well you now have the choice of having it converted to an LED light, where you once again can enjoy it's presence in your home.

Visit the LOW ENERGY LIGHT page on our website where we detail how you get started on the process of getting your old electrical appliances converted to COOL looking LED lights for your home. 

All of our conversions are low voltage 12 volt LED's and the appliance doe not necessarily have to be an old electrical appliance.

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