Sunday, December 1, 2013

Solar Power Data Logging Via Remote Connection

Remote Solar Power Monitoring - Click To Enlarge
Monitor Your Solar PV Remotely
There are so many reasons for looking at remote access Solar Power Data Logging. You may have seen a suitable SOLAR POWER SOFTWARE APPLICATION, that unfortunately is not available for your OS on your main computer, or the software provides everything you want, except for uploading the data to where you can access it remotely.

In such cases have you ever thought of logging into the solar data logger computer via a remote connection. You may not be aware Windows offers you this service, but often it is time consuming to setup and you need a certain level of expertise. 

So welcome to Splashtop, which allows you to do this very easily. You simply create a username and password, then select the necessary downloads for your hardware.

We were suprised to find we had the Splashtop system up and running, in less than ten minutes.

The scenario we used Splashtop for initially, was to get data from our SOLAR POWER DATA LOGGER software application onto a tablet and mobile phone, for remote access. 

Remote Solar Power Monitoring
Remote Solar Power Monitoring
On site with the solar array we left a small cheap to run Windows laptop. Being able to access this PC was a breeze with Splashtop.

Take a look at the SPLASHTOP website, where you will find a full list of supported operating systems and hardware.

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