Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Q. When Is Standby Power Close To Normal Power?

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The answer to this question is when the power rating is close to the normal operating power. Standby power is often far less than 10% of an appliance's normal power rating and is decreasing all the time due to changes in technology and design.

After testing a few older entertainment appliances for standby and normal power, we were amazed to see some older appliances almost using the same power in standby mode, as when the appliance is turned on in normal mode.

On testing a set top box for a normal power rating the reading was 10.92 watts +/- 0.5W. The standby power for this same appliance being 10.40 watts +/- 0.5W. The appliance in question with these results is the Homecast STB eM-1150.

It makes you wonder why the manufacturer even bothered adding a switch, when all it does is reduce the power rating by only a few percent.

As mentioned standby power can be anywhere from 10% or less of normal operating power. With recently released electrical appliances, this standby power has been reduced further due to the normal power ratings being reduced by design and technological improvements.

A lot of manufacturers are now offering an on/off switch to make sure there is 100% no standby power.

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