Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How To Make Solar Power A Successful Investment

Making Solar PV Successful
No one would argue that by installing solar power on the roof of your home, you are going to save off electricity costs.

It's not always the gross or net 'feed in tariff', that's reducing the home's electricity costs though. How much you save and how quickly, all depends on the correct matching and sizing of the solar system to your needs. 

Especially important when you are connecting to the grid via a NET meter, which is common now across a lot of parts of Australia.

Any home or small business around Australia can now directly offset the electricity used during the 'sunny hours' of the day. This offsetting of electricity is separate to any form of gross or net feed gain. It simply relies on you knowing what you use under the roof and what is using the power when the sun is shining.

The simple system of electricity offsetting seems to have been forgotten, or was not fully understood by many Aussie householders we visit during our ELECTRICITY AUDITING SERVICES. It is not uncommon to hear a householder complaining their solar system is not making money, especially when they are ONLY looking at the power exported, for a small six or eight cent return. This of course is a miss-understanding by the householder and should have been fully understood during the time of sale, yet it is not. Shocking is the fact it has often in the past not been explained by the sales person either.

Currently in NSW offsetting home electricity costs during the 'sunny hours, can mean a possible $641 per year off the electricity bill by installing a small 1.5kW solar power system! With a 3kW system generating a possible staggering $7000 of electricity above the roof over five years, based on a 5% increase per year on a 30 cent tariff.

Now that is something that needs to be understood you would think by every householder looking to save big time on electricity costs. And how long is the expected life of the solar system? Well we can say on average around twenty-five years. So that is a lot of free electricity from the sun, is it not? And as electricity prices rise so do those electricity savings!

It's a fact also that by offsetting your home electricity during the daytime, you can even save more $$$ off the electricity bill, compared to the recent NSW Government's 20 cent gross feed system!

You just need to understand the maths and be using the power under the roof in those sunny hours of the day to maximise your solar investment. To learn more about making solar power into a successful investment visit our NET FIT METERING & BILLING.

Sep 2015 : See our addition to this post, where we discuss a great SOLAR PV MONITORING ANDROID APP suitable for all net metering environments.

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