Friday, August 29, 2014

10G Wireless Broadband Data For 365 Days

Wireless Broadband Data
10G DATA lasting for a year? At first we thought this was a joke!

Amaysim who use the Optus network have this offer on their website. This is a great solution for those of you whom either have no ADSL, or have only so far found expensive wireless broadband options.

This wireless broadband data plan is ideal for uploading home electricity consumption and solar data to an ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING portal.

At $99.90 for 10G of data this works out to a low $8.32 per month over a year. That is $8.32 / 1G which simply is a great offer for wireless broadband. And if you use the data prior to 365 days, you simply renew the 10G / 365 Day plan. Amaysim has other great offers for voice and data. 

We have now switched to Amaysim after issues of running out of data on a monthly plan and occurring excess data charges. Then of course sometimes the data paid for, is not used. This way the data and the cost is more matched correctly to our monthly needs.

Visit AMAYSIM today for a great deal.

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