Monday, September 12, 2016

Choose $85 Or $425 For Your Solar Generated Power

Why is it important to be in a position to easily see your imported and exported power? 

Well nobody wants to export their Solar PV investment! 

Without feedback as to what is happening with your solar generated power, you will simply know very little. 

Currently in NSW net metering means, exported power is worth little. For example 4 to 6 cents per kWh! And after recent rises in July 2016 you could be paying 30 cents or more, for your imported power.

At only 6 cents per kWh exported, each kWh of your solar power, exported over the year is only going to give you a small financial return of $85! 

Now with some feedback and a little action under the roof, you could see that that same 1 kWh of power, suddenly be worth $425 when used to offset imported power costs [based on 30 cents per kWh]!

So can you now see why you need INSTANT ENERGY MONITORING feedback?

We hope so, as you really do need to know what your:

  • Consuming
  • Generating
  • Importing
  • Exporting

Learn how to remove the guesswork today and start making educated decisions on your solar power investment. 

Visit SMART SOLAR POWER a real-time solar excess diversion solution.

Excess Solar Power Diversion

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