Saturday, July 12, 2014

Monitoring The Time Of Use Electricity Tariff

Monitoring You TOU Costs In Realtime
We get a lot of inquires about whether the TIME OF USE ELECTRICITY TARIFF is supported by our home electricity monitoring solutions.

This electricity tariff is often applied when a client switches to a supposed smart metering system. 

An issue that often arises with this kind of metering, is that you can ONLY see the total power used via the electronic electricity meter.

NOT the information in fact you need, to learn about each time slice of the TOU electricity tariff. This renders the reading in the electricity meter pretty useless we would say.

So here comes an online power monitoring solution with TOU electricity tariff support. Where you can easily see the usage and costs of peak, shoulder and off-peak power. Not in three months time when your electricity bill arrives, but NOW in realtime.

This is an electricity tariff often sold by retailers, as the tariff that easily allows you to manage your power costs. HOW is that possible? Not at all we would argue, when there is simply no valid data available!

By using the Aussie Home Energy ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTIONS, you will now be able to see your usage and your costs for the TOU tariff easily. 

This solution finally giving you the tools you need to manage your TOU electricity usage and costs!  

If you are thinking of switching to the TOU electricity tariff and want to know if it will save you, then why not use an ELECTRICITY MONITOR beforehand to compare electricity tariffs side by side based on the usage in your home.

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