Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are You Just An Electricity Bill Payer?

If you are like most of the Aussie householders we help with home electricity reduction, up to now you may not have had a clue, on how to proceed in reducing your home electricity costs. Meaning up to now you have simply been, just a BILL PAYER!

Aussie Home Energy wants to assist you in moving forward, with the goal of you obtaining a greater understanding of your home electricity costs.

Most community groups we talk to about reducing electricity costs in the home, raise a very limited number of hands, when asked the following questions.

  • What is a kilowatt hour?
  • What electricity tariff are you on?
  • What is a Smart Meter?
  • How much is your hot water costing you?
  • What kind of electricity meter do you have?
  • What is your kWh rate?
  • Are you using less or more energy than last year?

Sadly this is the information you NEED TO KNOW! Before you will be in a position where you can truly understand, how to start reducing electricity costs. Without this basic information you will not be able to proceed forwards and will remain being just a BILL PAYER!

Our HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION AUDITS make sure 100% you understand everything you need to know, so you can MAXIMISE Home Electricity Reduction Costs.

Call us today on 02 8064 3992 for help.

Home Electricity Reduction Community Meetings

Electricity costs are now a major discussion point, for all householders in Australia. With the recent rise in NSW alone of 15% to 18% and forecasts for further rises, it’s not suprising that many householders are starting to worry!

Worrying about how will they be able to afford these endless rising electricity costs?

Aussie Home Energy can help you and your community, understand how to reduce those rising home electricity bills.

Form a local group today. We present to,

  • Local housing groups.
  • Parent groups.
  • Community groups.
  • Interest groups.

We are here to offer you and your group, the help you need to reduce all types of home electricity costs. Get the numbers and contact our office on 02 8064 3992. See our COMMUNITY webpage for more detailed information.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

40000 Smart Meters Installed Incorrectly Admits US Electricity Retailer

Could it simply be a case of the same problem, the same cause, here in Australia when it comes to the rising number of complaints regarding Smart Meter Electricity Billing Errors?

A US electricity retailer admits to the incorrect installation of over 40000 Smart Meters. Where householders electricity bills rocketed after smart meters were installed. Amazing enough it was not an inquiry that proved the point with reliable data, but a group of University students.

If your starting to question your smart meter billing, or suffering from months of Smart Meter Rage, is it not the time to start MONITORING YOUR HOME ELECTRICITY?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Smart Meter Electricity Billing Explosive Investigation

It will be close to a year ago soon, since Channel 7's Today Tonight program, released an explosive investigation. An investigation uncovering massive mistakes with consumer's electricity bills. Revealing serious flaws, that could have affected and still be affecting a large number of smart meter users, here in Australia.

One could be fooled into a belief that nothing has been done, since this investigation was aired. The NSW Energy Ombudsman is reporting on it's website, a large continuing increase in complaints about smart meter electricity billing in Australia. And we are not alone as the same issues are being aired in the US. So we have the same electricity billing errors, even when different smart meters and electricity retailers are involved. Which surely leaves areas of concern to be focused on such as data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, quality of meter testing, the cost of supplying the meter's raw data and software algorithms for example.

A explosive investigation alright, which shows,

  • Serious flaws with Smart Meter billing.
  • The Ombudsman identifying a number of systemic billing errors.
  • The retailer paying off the customer to go away.
  • The retailer being unable to bill the customer correctly.

How much evidence does one need to start a proper inquiry? No wonder the energy bosses may have reason to hide. And more annoying is the report of large forecast profits, from the revenue of the installation of these smart meters.

Questions that everyone should be asking is this, "What did the Ombudsman do at the end of the day? What was the outcome? Why is a electricity user unable to get correct billing of what is supposedly correct data, as reported by the electricity retailer? Let us hope the issue was not just brushed under the carpet.

As users of electricity where we do not seem to have a guarantee that the billing is correct, is it not time for action. Is it not time for Politicians to act, is it not time for an Independent Inquiry. A Smart Meter Independent Inquiry that gets to the true reason for error and holds those responsible.

For more videos on Aussie householders who are unhappy with what one could say, seems to be very systemic smart meter billing errors Australia wide, visit ELECTRICITY SMART METER PROBLEMS VIDEOS.

Aussie Home Energy is a business offering alternative HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTIONS to all  Aussie homes, concerned about possible Smart Meter Electricity Billing Errors.

Smart Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Report

There are many householders in Australia and around the world, reporting sickness due to Smart Meter radiation. A report prepared for the Victorian Department Of Primary Industries, by EMC Technologies Pty Ltd, offers some evidence that Smart Meters are a safe alternative electricity metering option, for all Aussie householders.


Electricity Smart Meter Problem Videos Australia

Aussie householders are rebelling in growing numbers, against rising power bills and the new Smart Meters. These meters are often being installed against the householder's will.

The Victorian Government has already been forced to review their new power meter rollout, after residents discovered a shocking rise in their power bills and began fighting back.

Other issues reported in this video collection by Channel Nine's A Current Affair range from,

  • Conflicting reports on safety and quality of manufacture.
  • Residential electricity bills of over 3 Million Dollars!
  • Smart Meters catching fire.
  • Sickness due to Smart Meter radiation.

See Current Affair's range of Smart Meter videos at SMART METER REBELLION.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recording Home Electricity Usage Off Your Meter

Recording daily home electricity meter usage is a must for any householder, with an electricity billing issue.

We have made it easy for you, by creating a form to note down your daily home electricity meter's usage figures.

Use our RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICITY METER RECORDING SHEET for your data. Once you have the necessary information you will be in a position to address the issue further with your electricity retailer or the ELECTRICITY OMBUDSMAN for your State.


How To Read Your Mechanical Electricity Meter

A familiar question asked by many Aussie householders whilst performing their DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT is, “How do I read my mechanical type electricity meter?”

Let us now make the exercise of recording this electricity meter's data, easy for you.

Looking at the electricity meter illustrated, you will notice there are five clockwork dials. The electricity meter has the ability to read up to 99999 kilowatt hours of electricity, before going around the clock again. The kilowatt hours are stated as kWh on your bill and are also known as units of electricity. 
The first dial on the left records these units in the ten thousandths, the next dial recording one thousandths and so on, down to 1 kilowatt or unit of electricity.

  • Starting from the left-hand dial (10,000), record the numbers from left to right.
  • Whenever a dial points between numbers, always record the lowest number.

On the electricity meter shown here, you should be seeing a reading of 39803 kilowatt hours. This is your total electricity usage to date. Your electricity bill will show the previous meter reading and the last reading. The difference being your new electricity usage and costs, stated on the bill. 
There is an art to reading these mechanical electricity meters. And it is easy to be confused and take an incorrect reading. The secret to this confusion, is to always refer to the dial to the right of the one your reading. 

So where the first dial in our example, reports what looks like the number 4, this is NOT correct! The correct reading is a 3, as the dial is between numbers, even though this is hard to see. Remember we are recording the lowest number. To see the dial is between numbers, can be proven by checking the second dial [1000]. This dial has not quite reached a full revolution. It has passed 9, but not fully reached 0. When it passes 0, only then will it mean the first dial [10000] is at a true count of 4. So to make a correct reading 100% of the time, always check the lesser dial's readings.  Take a look again until you can see 39803 kilowatt hours.
Not all electricity meter displays, look like the above example. With some meters, the placement of numbers in each dial, may run in the opposite direction. And not all meters have the number of kWh stated on the dials, as was the case in our example. We added the numbers so as to explain how to read the meter.

Learn more about the types of electricity meters in Australia by visiting our webpage AUSTRALIAN HOME ELECTRICITY SUPPLY GUIDE.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Electricity Monitor Features And Benefits For Aussie Homes

When looking for an easy solution to MONITOR YOUR HOME ELECTRICITY USAGE, how do you know what all the latest features and benefits are, of the available current monitors in Australia?

Is is all very easy to be confused, between the differences of how manufacturers list the home electricity monitor's features and benefits.

So what we have decided to do here in this blog post, is to list all of the features and benefits, that are often sought by our home electricity monitor clients, time and time again.

So whether your looking for a monitor with an easy to read LCD information display, or a monitor that outputs it's data to the internet or smart phone, please read on. 

The features and benefits sought by Aussie Home Energy's clients are,

  • Easy, simple and quick monitor installation, suitable for all homes and business
  • Ability to monitor up to 10 circuits or appliances, suitable for all sizes of home
  • Unlimited LCD monitors, meaning monitoring from multiple rooms of the home
  • Adjustable clock, kilowatt hour rates and tariffs easily found in Australian homes
  • PC connectivity for deep electricity usage & cost analysis
  • Home electricity data available online via PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Graphical home or business electricity usage and cost analysis
  • Easy additional SOLAR PV MONITORING, using the same monitor
  • Electricity usage ALERTS on your smartphone
  • Easy LCD monitor portability, to allow for fast DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDITS
  • Renewable energy performance or malfunction ALERTS in real-time!
  • HOME ENERGY MONITOR SUPPORT during monitor installation & configuration
  • Home electricity data comparison and sharing with other homes

Our choice of HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORS suitable for all Aussie homes, allows for a continued growth on existing platforms, where additional features and benefits are being constantly added. Meaning you will have a monitor, that you find is NOT quickly out of date!

With all of these home energy monitor features and benefits in mind, we know you will be more than satisfied with our AUSSIE HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTIONS, found easily on our website Aussie Home Energy.

Further joining a growing number of home electricity usage alert householders, who are continuing to save, even off continued rising electricity costs in Australia.
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