Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Current Cost ENVI/R Data Analyse Service

If you've a Current Cost ENVI/R Home Energy Monitor, already monitoring your home electricity usage, have you ever thought about getting the monthly or yearly data analysed?

We know there's a lot of you out there, with the monitor installed with no PC, or computer knowledge.  We're therefore offering you the chance, to get the data within your monitor analysed.

Our service will supply you with a detailed report on your home's electricity usage. This is the perfect solution, if you're looking to install a SOLAR PV SYSTEM.

You will be able to use the monitor's data, to choose a correctly sized solar pv system, based on your electricity usage pattern during the daytime. This is very important currently in NSW, where there is little reward for over generating and feeding excess electricity back into the grid.

January 2018 : Current Cost home energy monitor users please note MyCurrentCost dashboard was retired 15th January. This alternative free real-time dashboard is a great alternative HOME ENERGY MONITOR dashboard solution, with auto upload support for PVOutput ie solar.

Visit our HOME ENERGY SERVICES page, for more information.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Understanding The Time Of Use Electricity Tariff

Did you know most people on the Time Of Use electricity tariff,  could save $$$s with a little education? 

Yes it's a fact, many householders do not fully understand the Time Of Use [TOU] electricity tariff.

With a little education creating a better understanding of this tariff, you could be making big savings off your next electricity bill, just like other Aussie householders have found!

See our GUIDES page for a link to an easy to follow table, showing the cost differences for electricity used at different times throughout the week.

Stick the TOU Table onto your fridge door, making sure everyone in your home is in electricity reduction mode. Email it to friends. You just never know how much you'll save and what your friends can to.

For every kilowatt of power not used in the peak rate, but used in the off peak rate you will save around 75% off the cost! Now that is something not to be ignored!!!

Happy Home Electricity Reduction Australia....

If you've recently had Solar PV installed, then you're most likely on a TOU tariff. Most electricity meters have a sticker displaying TOU, when this tariff is used. If you're still not sure contact your electricity provider.

You really do need to understand this tariff otherwise your electricity costs can rise dramatically!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Home Electricity Assessment Sydney North Shore

Are you looking for professional independent advice on how to cut your home electricity costs?

Aussie Home Energy is now offering you the chance to learn what other householders know about keeping electricity costs down.

We offer you a list of varied HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICES & PRODUCTS, which allow you to IMPORTANTLY learn why your electricity costs are high and what you can do to take control.

Join other householders who are managing their electricity usage and paying reduced electricity costs! We pass on our knowledge to you, allowing you to stay one step ahead of rising electricity costs.

Remember this, it is what you don't know, that in most cases is increasing your electricity bill! Learn the tricks of the trade to slash electrical waste under the roof. Let one of our HOME ELECTRICITY ASSESSORS help you. Hear the latest on SOLAR PV & HOME ELECTRICITY OFFSETTING IN NSW and why you save more each year, as electricity prices rise.

We've proven many times that educated householders increase electricity savings overtime. Call us today on 02 8064 3992 and let us help you.

Are you aware of the fact there are yet again sharp rises in electricity costs forecast for July 2012 through to July 2014! July 2011 was 18%!

We have just expanded our SERVICE AREA to SYDNEY [North Shore], due to the demand for our HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICES. Visit our SYDNEY HOME POWER AUDIT SPECIAL OFFER page for the latest information.
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