Friday, April 7, 2017

Best Electricity Discount For All Australians

Use Your Bargaining Power To Your Advantage
Bargain Your Best Power Deal
Did you know you can get up to 20% and MORE off your electricity usage and service fees? Well not everyone does, it appears.

Some of our METER AND BILLING ANALYSIS clients, are often getting 0% discount off their electricity bills.

These clients are on what is known as a standard agreement, with little discount. 

Great news for the electricity retailers, where the client is paying top dollar! What ever happened to the electricity retailer's Loyalty Officer?

It is the electricity retailer's 'market offers' that have the best discounts.

So what happens when you notice you have had little discount over the years and you could be saving far more? Well of course you are going to switch electricity retailers. As your existing retailer has not really done you to many favours up to this point.

Now before you jump ship, think about the bargaining power you have with your existing electricity retailer. If you are a big power user like some of our Sydney clients, then this Pay On Time discount, can even be bigger than what they advertise. 20% plus is a lot of money, especially when off a big power bill!

Big Electricity Bill Savings Are Possible
Play Your Cards Right To Win!
Bigger because when you mention the word SWITCH to your existing electricity retailer, their Client Retention Officer will be calling you 24/7 to keep your business. 

Now is the time you play one offer against the other and certainly give your existing retailer a hard time about the lack of loyalty they have so far shown. I mean they could have alerted you to the fact there were discounts! What could you have saved? Yes you are not happy!

Play your cards right and after a ten minute discussion you could get up to 28% discount with a $100 credit off your next bill. 

We have a few METER AND BILLING ANALYSIS clients receiving well over 20%.

Remember no electricity retailer wants you to jump ship! And there lack of loyalty in the past is your prime bargaining chip!

Good luck!

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

Solar Energy Monitoring With Multiple Distribution Panels

Solar Energy Monitoring With Multiple Distribution Panels
Multiple Distribution Panel Monitoring
We have become aware recently of a belief out there from some householders and electricians, that monitoring total power consumption cannot be done, when solar power is feeding into a second distribution board. 

All we can say about this misled belief is: 


And the myth been busted for many years now! So if you are one of these householders wanting to get your total power consumption monitored and your electrician is saying it cannot be done, then education is the key here!

We have created a simple document outlining where the current clamps for the consumption transmitters need to be placed for correct operation. And further explain why our ENERGY MONITORING FOR MULTIPLE DISTRIBUTION PANELS is an easy solution for all households.

If you are needing to monitor total power consumption now, especially after a switch to NET metering, then this solution is for you. 

See our SUPPORT page for all of our detailed Solar Energy Monitoring documentation and more.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Aussie Power Bill Analysis Service

Power Bill Analysis TOU Versus Flat Tariff
TOU Versus Flat Tariff Comparison
You are not alone if you are wondering what the hell is going on with your power bills!

Many Aussie householders are battling head on, rising power costs. Whilst at the same time trying to get their head around some very very confusing, if not incorrect power bills!

Our AUSSIE POWER BILL ANALYSIS SERVICE has seen all kinds of errors, appear in the Australian Power Billing System. In some cases it makes you wonder how some of the electricity retailer's Billing Managers, still keep their positions!

Simple graphical and mathematical power billing errors are easy to find. Take a look at our POWER BILLING ERRORS page.

If enough is enough and you are not gaining any headway in working out what is going on with your Power Bill, then let us help you.

We will take a look at your power meter/s and four of your most recent power bills and let you know what is going on. We have been analysing power bills for over a few years now and have importantly helped many of our clients to understand and save.

We even created our own Power Bill Busting Software!

Once your meter and power bills are analysed, we will supply you with a list of electricity retailer's offers all based on your last power bill.

CALL NOW if you do not fully understand your:

  • Power Bill
  • Tariff Type
  • Metering

In some cases we have saved clients hundreds of dollars of the quarterly bill. In others thousands off their annual power costs!

Immediate Power Bill Help is available now : CALL 02 8064 3992

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why It Pays To Use Solar Power Versus Exporting The Excess

Use It OR Lose It!
It sure has been a challenge over the years, trying to explain to far to many Aussie householders, that installing the biggest solar system on their roof, is NOT necessarily the secret to making the most money, from solar power!

In A Net metered environment any home using little power in the sunny hours of the day, with little gain for exported power, simply has the solar power investment return on 'trickle feed'!

After talking to a couple of ELECTRICITY METER & BILL ANALYSIS clients this week, whom had no idea what Net metering was, we thought we would air some basic maths.

So for the remaining non-believer's and those whom simply have no idea, where often there is a belief BIGGER makes more money, here is the maths.

The maths is not new, as it has been on our website for sometime. It is though THE MISSING MATHS that never seems to come up, during any sales pitch! Now why is that? See the complete data table by visiting our page:

The data table shows you simply what you can expect to make, when using all or nothing of the excess solar power. The actual return will depend on how much of that excess solar power you can STOP returning to the grid, by using it.

Use IT OR Lose It!

As you can see clearly if you become smarted and use the excess solar power, against letting it trickle back to the grid for little return, you are clearly making:

 OVER $400% MORE!

What are you waiting for? Start getting more from your solar power investment! See the maths on our SOLAR NET FIT METERING AND BILLING page.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Making The Switch From Gross To Net Metering In NSW

Solar And Consumption Net Meter
Solar & Consumption Net Meter
Let us hope everyone has done their homework when the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme [SBS] ended on 31st December 2016. Meaning distributors, retailers and householders, so as to reduce any unwanted bottlenecks.

It will pay to be at the wave front for meter changeover requests! Making the switch from Gross to Net metering options are: 

  • A compatible Gross meter is been re-programmed for Net metering
  • A Net meter is replacing the Gross meter
  • Mechanical meters such as spinning disk / clock face are replaced with a Net meter 

The current rate [March 2017] for net metered exported power is anywhere from five to twelve cents depending on your electricity retailer's offer.

What Will This Meter Changeover Cost You? : Currently anywhere from $260 to $600 to switch.

Want to know more about Net metering and billing? : Check out our SOLAR NET FIT METERING BILLING page on our main website.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

NSW Ex Solar Bonus Scheme Homes See Sharp Bill Rise

Gross Metered NSW Solar Bonus Scheme
Compare Gross Versus Net Metered ROI
Some NSW Solar Bonus Scheme homes are about to get a nasty POWER BILL SHOCK! As their first electricity bill of the year is due, since the closure of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. Where the majority of homes were getting 60 cents for every kW exported!

With Gross metering now gone and Net metering being applied, there is going to be a dramatic financial drop of revenue in the first quarter and thereafter for many of these households.

So for those of you whom want a quick heads up on what to expect, at Aussie Home Energy we have done the basic maths. Maths to help you see what financial return you can expect, when you are using more or less of your net metered solar power.

The concept of Net metering can be foreign to many people, when they are simply used to being paid for all solar power sent back to the grid. We hope this data table helps you realise with Net metering you need to use more of your solar power.

As an example the maths is based on excess solar power being sent back to the grid for ONLY 6 cents per kWh. And imported power costing 25 cents per kWh. No one will argue that from 60 cents to 6 cents is a large drop for power sent back to the grid.

Even if the householder was to use 100% of the net metered solar power [extremely unlikely for Mr. Average], then there is still going to be a 41.5% drop in solar investment return, when compared to the NSW Government's recent 60 cent Gross scheme.

If you were on the 20 cents per kW Gross FIT then the difference is not that bad. But for the 60 cent per kW Gross FIT households, there certainly will be plenty of 'Power Bill Shock' causing unwanted financial pain!

Not forgetting as the scheme has run for around six years most of these 60 cent householders will have forgotten, what a normal electricity bill is! As they have simply got used to the solar power credit added to each bill.

So to help you to get an idea of the financial return to expect when being Net metered, we have created a simple data table HERE.

Now that 41.5% gets a lot worse for those homes, where there is little use within the sunny hours of the day. Yes those of you out working with only the fridge / freezer on at home, plus a few other basic appliances such as phones, clock radios and AC control panels. Shockingly up to

90% LESS!

Now that is 90% less of any recent quarterly SBS 60 cent Gross return that you are used to gone. This 90% less is for those homes now sending 75% of the power back to the grid! Check the maths! Obviously different tariff rates will affect our maths, but hopefully you will get the picture!

So as we have being saying for years to anyone with Net metering


Now it is not all that bad if you can control your appliances, as this will allow you to use more of your solar power and offset imported power costs. And that is how you make money with a NET metered Solar System. Yes you make more by offsetting imported power costs!

There are a few appliances in many homes that can be programmed or simply controlled by a timer to use up some of that excess solar power.

Check out the maths of our GROSS VERSUS NET METERING MATHS

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Smart Solutions To Reducing Your Electricity Costs

Smart solutions that are making it easier for any Aussie householder, to get on the path of home energy reduction. 

Ask yourself what could you be saving off your power costs?

Well we would say, far more than you are currently!

Why? Well you only have two sources of information available to you right now, in regards to electricity use and costs.

  • An electricity bill every three months
  • An electricity meter in the power box

MISSING is the needed realtime feedback, for instant notification of any event!

Now there is not much you can do about a huge electricity bill arriving three months after the event!! You may have a great memory, but what was that event? That event that cost you so dearly!

You can only guess as it could have been :

  • An increase in usage due to householder activity?
  • An unknown faulty appliance?
  • An electricity billing issue?
  • Misconceptions of actual appliance power ratings?
  • A degrading of solar power output?
  • A solar power outage?
  • An electricity metering issue?

There are many reasons for unknown costly high power events, in many Aussie homes. Remember you are not alone here, with having to wonder why your electricity costs have risen! 

Others are also finding it all to hard to discover the real reason, after the event! So make it easier on yourself and get the information you need.

With the required realtime feedback for your electricity use :

You Can Easily ACT!   You Have OPTIONS!   You Will SAVE!

24/7 Aussie Home Energy Monitoring SolutionsOver the last few years we have become a major player in Home Energy Monitoring. Introducing Home Electricity Monitoring Solutions into many Aussie homes for monitoring :

  • Total Power
  • Solar Power 
  • Appliance Power

Whilst there are many home energy monitors out there on the market, it can be confusing for the 'energy monitoring newbie' to know exactly what matters. So why not take a look at this pdf HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING FEATURES AND BENEFITS


This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.
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