Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Save 12% & More Off Your Aussie Home Electricity Bill

If you are not aware of some of the current electricity offers available in Australia, you can quite easily obtain a 12% saving, off the costs of regulated electricity prices. Remember this 12% reduction is not off the total electricity bill, only the energy used. You will still have to pay for added services and costs, along with GST.

So for example, if you are on a 25 cent per kilo watt hour tariff, your new rate after the 12% discount is, 22 cents.

The average house in Australia is said to use, around 25 kilo watt hours of electricity per day. During a quarterly billing cycle, this adds up to 2281 in total.

To use the same rate, you would be looking at a cost of $570 before the 12% reduction. With the 12% reduction, you will pay only $502. Now that is a great saving! A saving that can easily be made, by doing little homework and making a few phone calls. With forecast electricity rises, it makes sense to try and offset as much of these rises as possible.

After having done your homework and making sure you are only changing the kilo watt charge and not the tariff. Nor increasing the price for service costs. And finally understanding you may be locked into a two year agreement, with exit fees should you wish to change your mind. We recommend you do the following. Ask yourself, could you be saving more?

Now that you have saved 12% off your electricity costs, it is very easy to fall into the trap, where you think you have done all you can do. WRONG! Everyone can save more, unless they know 100%, they cannot! So where do you go from here, with this quest to save more off the electricity bill?

Firstly eliminate the false sense of security of believing you have done all you can do! We want you to move on from being just a bill payer! You can still save more off the electricity bill, as up to this point you may not be,

  • Aware of any electrical waste in your home.
  • Aware of how to use your appliances more efficiently.
  • Aware of your electricity tariff cost, per kilo watt hour.
  • Aware of any time of use tariff, changing your costs in real-time.
  • Aware of  changes to your rate due to other reasons.

This lack of awareness on home electricity usage and charges, we are finding is leading to confusion and unnecessary high electricity costs, in a lot of Aussie homes.

At Aussie Home Energy we can help you move forward, from this state of confusion. To where you fully understand how your electricity costs can change. Remember a lack of understanding, can cost you dearly!

By knowing what type of electricity tariff you are on, how it affects your electricity costs and how you can save, are really important. Not knowing any of these, can easily cost you more in some cases, than the 12% decrease you may have signed up for.

Going back to the original $570 in electricity costs, before the 12% decrease. The $502 after the 12% decrease, we would argue can be further reduced, with added knowledge & tools. You could save anywhere from $25 up to $100 more, off the electricity bill again. And we are basing this assumption on what we have found so far, by performing our HOME ELECTRICITY AUDITS. We have offered hundreds of households around Australia, services & products all related to HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SOLUTIONS.

If the example electricity bill of $570 was yours, would you want the 12% off? Of course you would. Could you save more and maybe reduce the electricity bill to $402? We would like to think you would.  After all, who would not want to save another $400 off their annual electricity bill per year?

Remember this, there is no one stopping you from attempting to reduce your electricity costs by more than 12%, other than yourself. What could you really be saving?

So if you want to learn how to truly save more off your electricity costs than just 12%, then contact Aussie Home Energy today. We have all the services and products you need, to move on from being just a bill payer.

We provide simple and easy to understand HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SOLUTIONS. Solutions designed for helping you save on electricity costs, not just today, but for tomorrow and thereafter.

Electricity knowledge is POWER!

Call Aussie Home Energy on 02 8064 3992 today, for a friendly chat!

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