Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Smart Meter Electricity Billing Explosive Investigation

It will be close to a year ago soon, since Channel 7's Today Tonight program, released an explosive investigation. An investigation uncovering massive mistakes with consumer's electricity bills. Revealing serious flaws, that could have affected and still be affecting a large number of smart meter users, here in Australia.

One could be fooled into a belief that nothing has been done, since this investigation was aired. The NSW Energy Ombudsman is reporting on it's website, a large continuing increase in complaints about smart meter electricity billing in Australia. And we are not alone as the same issues are being aired in the US. So we have the same electricity billing errors, even when different smart meters and electricity retailers are involved. Which surely leaves areas of concern to be focused on such as data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, quality of meter testing, the cost of supplying the meter's raw data and software algorithms for example.

A explosive investigation alright, which shows,

  • Serious flaws with Smart Meter billing.
  • The Ombudsman identifying a number of systemic billing errors.
  • The retailer paying off the customer to go away.
  • The retailer being unable to bill the customer correctly.

How much evidence does one need to start a proper inquiry? No wonder the energy bosses may have reason to hide. And more annoying is the report of large forecast profits, from the revenue of the installation of these smart meters.

Questions that everyone should be asking is this, "What did the Ombudsman do at the end of the day? What was the outcome? Why is a electricity user unable to get correct billing of what is supposedly correct data, as reported by the electricity retailer? Let us hope the issue was not just brushed under the carpet.

As users of electricity where we do not seem to have a guarantee that the billing is correct, is it not time for action. Is it not time for Politicians to act, is it not time for an Independent Inquiry. A Smart Meter Independent Inquiry that gets to the true reason for error and holds those responsible.

For more videos on Aussie householders who are unhappy with what one could say, seems to be very systemic smart meter billing errors Australia wide, visit ELECTRICITY SMART METER PROBLEMS VIDEOS.

Aussie Home Energy is a business offering alternative HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTIONS to all  Aussie homes, concerned about possible Smart Meter Electricity Billing Errors.

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