Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Electricity Monitor Features And Benefits For Aussie Homes

When looking for an easy solution to MONITOR YOUR HOME ELECTRICITY USAGE, how do you know what all the latest features and benefits are, of the available current monitors in Australia?

Is is all very easy to be confused, between the differences of how manufacturers list the home electricity monitor's features and benefits.

So what we have decided to do here in this blog post, is to list all of the features and benefits, that are often sought by our home electricity monitor clients, time and time again.

So whether your looking for a monitor with an easy to read LCD information display, or a monitor that outputs it's data to the internet or smart phone, please read on. 

The features and benefits sought by Aussie Home Energy's clients are,

  • Easy, simple and quick monitor installation, suitable for all homes and business
  • Ability to monitor up to 10 circuits or appliances, suitable for all sizes of home
  • Unlimited LCD monitors, meaning monitoring from multiple rooms of the home
  • Adjustable clock, kilowatt hour rates and tariffs easily found in Australian homes
  • PC connectivity for deep electricity usage & cost analysis
  • Home electricity data available online via PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Graphical home or business electricity usage and cost analysis
  • Easy additional SOLAR PV MONITORING, using the same monitor
  • Electricity usage ALERTS on your smartphone
  • Easy LCD monitor portability, to allow for fast DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDITS
  • Renewable energy performance or malfunction ALERTS in real-time!
  • HOME ENERGY MONITOR SUPPORT during monitor installation & configuration
  • Home electricity data comparison and sharing with other homes

Our choice of HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORS suitable for all Aussie homes, allows for a continued growth on existing platforms, where additional features and benefits are being constantly added. Meaning you will have a monitor, that you find is NOT quickly out of date!

With all of these home energy monitor features and benefits in mind, we know you will be more than satisfied with our AUSSIE HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTIONS, found easily on our website Aussie Home Energy.

Further joining a growing number of home electricity usage alert householders, who are continuing to save, even off continued rising electricity costs in Australia.

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