Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Electricity Reduction Community Meetings

Electricity costs are now a major discussion point, for all householders in Australia. With the recent rise in NSW alone of 15% to 18% and forecasts for further rises, it’s not suprising that many householders are starting to worry!

Worrying about how will they be able to afford these endless rising electricity costs?

Aussie Home Energy can help you and your community, understand how to reduce those rising home electricity bills.

Form a local group today. We present to,

  • Local housing groups.
  • Parent groups.
  • Community groups.
  • Interest groups.

We are here to offer you and your group, the help you need to reduce all types of home electricity costs. Get the numbers and contact our office on 02 8064 3992. See our COMMUNITY webpage for more detailed information.

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