Thursday, June 21, 2012

Could Big Business Be Paid To Reduce Electricity Output?

When the demand for peak electricity occurs, it can be very expensive for the electricity provider to meet this demand, in the short term.

Could we not pay large power users, to cut consumption during this time of demand?

The idea being here, to form a group of large peak demand businesses, whom are paid a fee. A fee to cut back their need for peak time electricity. Let us say on short term notice.

A large percentage of power is known to be generated to meet this small percentage, of large demand users.

Getting these businesses together and as a group reducing the overall demand considerably, has to be a move forward.

Where the electricity provider is then able to meet other demands on the grid satisfactorily at less cost. Where those big businesses with high demand are paid to save. Where funds received are put towards increasing efficiency and reducing the overall energy used at all times.

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