Saturday, June 23, 2012

Australian Home Electricity Usage Versus Cost Analysis

Whilst an Australian electricity provider may like to show you, the electricity usage breakdown on the bill, make sure you understand the cost breakdown as well. The usage breakdown is often supplied by the provider, with no cost breakdown.

Seeing low usage for peak electricity, may make you think you are doing well, trying to keep electricity costs down. This can be a false sense of security though! We have worked out the cost breakdown for you, to show you how only a small increase in peak electricity usage can make a big difference to the quarterly electricity bill!

As you can see the shoulder usage is similar to the shoulder costs as a percentage and as much of this as possible should be shifted to off-peak use. The low off-peak tariff, whilst having 40% usage rating, actually costs you little at 23% of the bill. Whereas the peak electricity usage whilst low at 13%, is actually costing you 31% of the bill. Remember it is possible to save a lot off the electricity bill by reducing peak electricity usage. Converting more usage during the shoulder or peak periods, to off-peak will further save you.

More information on this usage versus cost analysis, can be found on our HOME ELECTRICITY INFORMATION AUSTRALIA webpage.

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