Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Home Electricity Or Solar PV Data Online

If the idea of 24/7 access to your home electricity usage and costs, along with solar pv output interests you, then Aussie Home Energy is here to help you with this task.

Home electricity usage, costs, billing and solar pv output are all under an umbrella of darkness, unless you have some system in place 24/7, to access the data LIVE!

Aussie Home Energy is able to supply you with all kinds of home electricity monitoring solutions, to get the 24/7 data you need in your face, on your PC and even on the net.

 Go HERE to see the above home LIVE!

By accessing an array of online portals, your home electricity data is easily displayed in various ways. 

You will be able to access forecasts, Time Of Use overlays and even compare or share electricity data with others.

CONTACT US today to get started and see your home's electricity data online.

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