Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Making The Switch From Gross To Net Metering In NSW

Solar And Consumption Net Meter
Solar & Consumption Net Meter
Let us hope everyone has done their homework when the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme [SBS] ended on 31st December 2016. Meaning distributors, retailers and householders, so as to reduce any unwanted bottlenecks.

It will pay to be at the wave front for meter changeover requests! Making the switch from Gross to Net metering options are: 

  • A compatible Gross meter is been re-programmed for Net metering
  • A Net meter is replacing the Gross meter
  • Mechanical meters such as spinning disk / clock face are replaced with a Net meter 

The current rate [March 2017] for net metered exported power is anywhere from five to twelve cents depending on your electricity retailer's offer.

What Will This Meter Changeover Cost You? : Currently anywhere from $260 to $600 to switch.

Want to know more about Net metering and billing? : Check out our SOLAR NET FIT METERING BILLING page on our main website.

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