Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why It Pays To Use Solar Power Versus Exporting The Excess

Use It OR Lose It!
It sure has been a challenge over the years, trying to explain to far to many Aussie householders, that installing the biggest solar system on their roof, is NOT necessarily the secret to making the most money, from solar power!

In A Net metered environment any home using little power in the sunny hours of the day, with little gain for exported power, simply has the solar power investment return on 'trickle feed'!

After talking to a couple of ELECTRICITY METER & BILL ANALYSIS clients this week, whom had no idea what Net metering was, we thought we would air some basic maths.

So for the remaining non-believer's and those whom simply have no idea, where often there is a belief BIGGER makes more money, here is the maths.

The maths is not new, as it has been on our website for sometime. It is though THE MISSING MATHS that never seems to come up, during any sales pitch! Now why is that? See the complete data table by visiting our page:

The data table shows you simply what you can expect to make, when using all or nothing of the excess solar power. The actual return will depend on how much of that excess solar power you can STOP returning to the grid, by using it.

Use IT OR Lose It!

As you can see clearly if you become smarted and use the excess solar power, against letting it trickle back to the grid for little return, you are clearly making:

 OVER $400% MORE!

Now that is quite a saving! What are you waiting for? Start getting more from your solar power investment! See the maths on our SOLAR NET FIT METERING AND BILLING page.

Imagine being able to send your solar power to appliances on auto pilot, instead of back to the grid for little financial return. Check out :

Easy Excess Solar Power Diversion

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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