Saturday, October 29, 2016

Smart Solutions To Reducing Your Electricity Costs

Smart solutions that are making it easier for any Aussie householder, to get on the path of home energy reduction. 

Ask yourself what could you be saving off your power costs?

Well we would say, far more than you are currently!

Why? Well you only have two sources of information available to you right now, in regards to electricity use and costs.

  • An electricity bill every three months
  • An electricity meter in the power box

MISSING is the needed realtime feedback, for instant notification of any event!

Now there is not much you can do about a huge electricity bill arriving three months after the event!! You may have a great memory, but what was that event? That event that cost you so dearly!

You can only guess as it could have been :

  • An increase in usage due to householder activity?
  • An unknown faulty appliance?
  • An electricity billing issue?
  • Misconceptions of actual appliance power ratings?
  • A degrading of solar power output?
  • A solar power outage?
  • An electricity metering issue?

There are many reasons for unknown costly high power events, in many Aussie homes. Remember you are not alone here, with having to wonder why your electricity costs have risen! 

Others are also finding it all to hard to discover the real reason, after the event! So make it easier on yourself and get the information you need.

With the required realtime feedback for your electricity use :

You Can Easily ACT!   You Have OPTIONS!   You Will SAVE!

24/7 Aussie Home Energy Monitoring SolutionsOver the last few years we have become a major player in Home Energy Monitoring. Introducing Home Electricity Monitoring Solutions into many Aussie homes for monitoring :

  • Total Power
  • Solar Power 
  • Appliance Power

Whilst there are many home energy monitors out there on the market, it can be confusing for the 'energy monitoring newbie' to know exactly what matters. So why not take a look at this pdf HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING FEATURES AND BENEFITS


This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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