Friday, July 13, 2012

150 Metre Plus Solar PV Array Monitoring Solution

Are you looking for an affordable solution to monitoring your solar array?

What about the task of solar monitoring, when the distance of the array is greater than 150 metres from the home?

Well Aussie Home Energy has various solutions for monitoring your solar pv!

We have been able to extend the range of the monitor's transmitter to well over 200 metres. Whilst we did actually receive a signal via line of sight at around 265 metres, we have found the signal to be 100% reliable at 150 to 200 metres.

Householders generating power via solar pv are waking up the idea that it makes sense to monitor the output of the solar array at all times. Often the monitoring solution offered with the solar pv system, is costly. Therefore we decided to create a suitable alternative which fits into an Aussie home's budget. This solar pv monitoring solution, only available from Aussie Home Energy will eliminate,

  • The issue of not knowing whether all of your panels are active.
  • Reduced output from your array for whatever reason.
  • The problem of the inverter being off-line.

Problems such as this are often not being discovered until the weekends by householders, or in some cases when the electricity bill arrives! A lot of Aussie homes with solar pv are not keeping an eye on their system's output! Therefore it makes sense to discover our SOLAR PV MONITORING SOLUTIONS where you will know at a glance 24/7,
  • What you solar pv system is generating at any one time.
  • If you are meeting your planned ROI.
  • What your solar pv array in generating, when it is over 150 metres from your home.

To learn more about this great EXTENDED RANGE TRANSMITTER or for other AUSSIE SOLAR PV MONITORING SOLUTIONS contact Aussie Home Energy today.

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