Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tsunami Of Rubbish Electricity Bills In Australia

Pig Fly High Over Electricity Retailers In Australia
Power Station Pigs Flying High
Surely not as this is a multi-million dollar industry! Where large electricity retailer's computer systems pump out bills left right and centre, checked periodically by a human for error? 

So how come we are seeing an increasing tsunami of rubbish electricity bills here in Australia? 

It is getting to the point where 'pigs are flying' high over the offices of some electricity retailers. 

It is hard to believe electricity bills sent out to customers are simply to hard for anyone to understand. The electricity retailer not being able to supply answers either, surely makes possible the sight of pink pigskin in the sky, even more feasible! 

If electricity bills in Australia are indeed checked, then how can the average householder make sense of this 24 LINE electricity bill for instance? 

Example Of Rubbish Electricity Bill Australia

As the electricity bill stands it is just a rubbish electricity bill no-one can understand, so why send it out to the householder unchecked?

It is not the time Australian regulators enforce commonsense at least where all electricity bills are SIMPLY & EASY to understand by all concerned?

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