Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Android App For Solar Power Monitoring With Net FIT

Solar PV Monitoring App
A fantastic Android app developed here in Australia by Mark McDonald, for the real-time monitoring of total home power consumption and solar power generation, in a net metered environment.

As you most likely know, if you do not have electricity monitoring installed on a net metered solar pv system, then you are operating blind as to what your total consumption is and you only know your import and export, annoyingly in three months time when the electricity bill arrives. Rather late to take action!

Ask yourself how much power have you returned to the grid for six or eight cents? This is not the way to operate and maximise your solar investment, that cost you thousands!

So let us help you pay it off quicker. You make your money with a net metered solar system by reducing imported power, using your own generated power and sending as little back to the grid!

So to know how to do this, you simply need feedback. And monitoring hardware and software gives you this feedback, which thus creates action.

Now there is really NO EXCUSE to not know, if your using more power or exporting it back to the grid for little return.

Get the data you need in your face today and start saving with the feedback of this great little Android app.

Of course if you do not have an Android, or care little for mobile tablets and devices, then we can get the data you need simply in your browser or face via a LCD monitor!

Visit our SOLAR POWER MONITORING page for more information.

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This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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