Thursday, January 1, 2015

What Happens When The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme Ends

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme Ends 2016
You may be asking yourself what is going to happen when the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme [Gross FIT 60 & 20 cent] comes to an end in December 2016? 

From a recent conversation with a NSW electricity distributor, it appears a decision has been made on the policy of the matter.

“A distributor supplies meters at no charge, the only costs involved are those charged by the Accredited Service Provider [ASP] installing the meter.”

“When an ASP replaces a gross meter with a new net meter, the old gross meter is returned to the distributor where it can be either kept in store as a gross meter or reprogrammed when possible to a net meter.”

“As meters are supplied at no charge by the distributor, there is no buy back for their return. Before or at the end of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme the householder simply needs to arrange for an ASP to rewire the solar inverter from the gross meter, to the export register of the net meter.”

Where a householder has a NSW SBS gross meter and also a net metered system, then the solar inverter connected to the gross meter is simply rewired and added to the existing net metered system. 

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