Monday, January 5, 2015

Moving House Reference The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme
We have been getting a rising number of questions regarding the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. A common question being:

"If I move out of my house, will the next occupant be eligible to receive the same scheme tariff?"

This is a good question, so let us take a look at the answer and see how it works.

Regardless of whether you received the 60 cent tariff or the 20 cent tariff, the new account holder will be eligible to receive the 20 cent tariff, subject to them meeting the eligibility requirements. The only exception to this is if you were a 60 cent tariff recipient and the new occupant can demonstrate that they were in a 'domestic relationship' with you, then they will be eligible to receive the 60 cent tariff.

Once the premises has moved to the 20 cent Scheme tariff, it can not return to the 60 cent Scheme tariff even if the original account holder takes back the account.

For more answers to questions regarding the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme, visit the NSW RESOURCE & ENERGY website.

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