Friday, October 26, 2012

Home Electricity Meter And Billing Service

Do you ever get that feeling something may not be 100%, regarding your electricity metering and billing? If so, realise you are not alone. What you need to do as soon as possible,  is to make sure you address the issue, to keep any possible losses to a minimum.

This is where our new HOME ELECTRICITY METER & BILLING SERVICE, can greatly help you. We have designed this service, primarily to eliminate errors and secondly to increase your understanding. We offer this service to all Aussie householders and Strata Managers.

If your electricity usage and costs are requiring immediate attention, or there are questions about metering and billing, we want to hear from you.  We can create an independent report for discussion or submission, to your electricity retailer and Electricity Ombudsman. Acting on your behalf if you so wish.

Some areas of concern we have highlighted to date, on incorrect and confusing electricity bills, have proven,

  • Higher than normal electricity bills, after a recent TOU Smart Meter installation.
  • Electricity bills not having clarity, nor generated power after Solar PV installation.
  • Physical electricity meters, not matching electricity meters on the bill.
  • Phantom meters on the electricity bill.
  • Incorrect meter data and calculation.

Do not put off acting today, when you feel there is an issue with your electricity costs. It is all to easy with our busy lifestyles, to not have the time to look back into electricity bills, to notice metering or billing mistakes.

Now you have Aussie Home Energy to call for help. Read more about our HOME ELECTRICITY METER & BILLING SERVICE  and the CONTACT US to discuss your needs.

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