Sunday, October 14, 2012

See Individual Electrical Appliances On Your Current Cost Monitor

The Current Cost Energy Monitor is a straight forward, easy to use electricity monitor, suitable for all Aussie householders with concerns over rising electricity costs. The Current Cost monitor is easily installed in minutes and has the ability to get electricity usage and costs,

  • In your face.
  • On your PC.
  • On your Smartphone.

As well as being able to monitor the output of your Solar PV, the latest development for this monitor, is Individual Appliance Transmitters.

These transmitters are easily plugged into a standard Aussie wall socket. Where the electricity data is transmitted back to the LCD monitor. A great solution for knowing exactly what power is being used by your,

  • Entertainment appliances.
  • Beer fridge.
  • Oil type heater.
  • Garage freezer.
  • Children's bedroom.

Move the transmitters easily around your home, to pin-point those high cost appliances. Easily access the usage and cost data 24/7, via your electricity monitor, your PC or Smartphone.

January 2018 : Current Cost home energy monitor users please note MyCurrentCost dashboard was retired 15th January. This alternative free real-time dashboard is a great alternative HOME ENERGY MONITOR dashboard solution, with auto upload support for PVOutput ie solar.

The INDIVIDUAL APPLIANCE MONITORS come in a pack of three and are a great way to expand your Current Cost HOME ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTION.

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