Friday, January 31, 2014

$50K Bill? Aussie Electricity Bill Complaints Increase

Electricity Bill Errors On The Rise
When you hear of a householder in Australia receiving a $50,000 electricity bill, the first thing that often comes to mind, is electricity retailer incompetence! 

It sure does make you wonder how good the regulations are for electricity billing in Australia. And moreso what system is in place, to make these regulations stick! 

Surely a random selection of generated electricity bills are checked for error by humans, within these over sized electricity retailers? Or are the electricity bills computed and just sent out with no sample error checking? The latter could be more wide spread than thought. Based on a recent discussion with an electricity retailer's customer service centre. Where we were told no-one checked the computer generated bills. That task was up to the receiver of the bill! And we know most Aussie householder's do not check the electricity bill 100%.

An error we found during an electricity bill analysis, which we would say was systemic, is on this blog post WHY IT PAYS TO CHECK FOR ELECTRICITY BILL ERRORS.

With the constant rise in complaints across Australian States and our ELECTRICITY AUDITING SERVICE finding more and more errors in electricity billing and metering, something needs to be done fast. To reduce this lack of electricity bill good faith, that is almost now becoming the norm.

Ombudsman's for electricity in most States, are now reporting huge increases in complaints. And it appears commonly these complaints are focused on the three main electricity retailers, Origin Energy, Energy Australia and AGL Sales.

If you have ever tried calling the Customer Service Centre of any large electricity retailer, you will no doubt have come away with nothing more than a sense of disbelief, assuming you could get someone on the other end of the line whom understood your problem in the first case.

We know there are electricity bill errors and if you are reading this, then there is a good chance you have questions about your electricity bill too.

Today Tonight summaries some of the confusion very well, with a VIDEO on the the woman whom received electricity bills in error up to $50,000!

If you have had electricity bill errors, why not leave your story here to inform others.

This blog post and podcast brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICES industry in Australia.

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