Monday, December 16, 2013

What Is Your Sunny Hour Electricity Use?

What Is Your Sunny Hour Electricity Usage?
What Could You Be Saving?
When this question is asked to householders looking for savings on the electricity bill, most do not have a clue. Amazing as this sunny hour electricity use, can be offset by simply installing a solar power system.

Meaning you make your own power, that is simply used by your appliances, during the sunny hours of the day. 

Once you know the usage, you also know the electricity savings you will reap by installing a solar system. Now we are talking here about a solar system connected to the electricity supply via net metering.

This is where the power is for use firstly by the home. If not used then it goes back into the grid for maybe a small feed in tariff. So the winners here, are those homes that use six or more kilowatts of electricity during the sunny hours of the day.

Let us say you use around twelve kilowatts of power during these sunny hours. And that same power is costing you thirty-five cents per unit. Well our maths shows us that is four dollars and twenty cents per day, every day. and this is a cost you could be saving, off the electricity bill. 

As you can see there are excellent possible electricity bill savings to be made!

What needs to be discussed in further detail, is when you are using this power and the size of the loads in question, thus getting a more accurate idea of the true saving. All of these facts are easily discovered when a SOLAR POWER ASSESSMENT of your home is undertaken.

Now if you do not want a Solar Power Assessment you could work this out for yourself by simply reading your electricity meter, at the time the sun hits your roof and leaves your roof.

Another option is to install an ELECTRICITY MONITORING DEVICE where of course you will be able to learn far more, about electricity in your home other than the sunny hour usage.

So what are you waiting for? Solar Power is one of the best ways to save on electricity costs. Not in all cases, but where there is high sunny hour usage, it is sure a great winner!

This blog post and podcast brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICE industry in Australia.

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