Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Is The Average Daily Electricity Calculated?

You may have noticed the average daily kWh usage per household, displayed on your electricity bill. Have you ever wondered how this is worked out?

The company behind the benchmarks developed for the Australian Government, is ACIL Tasman. Developed as part of a broader Government policy, this is designed to help householders make educated decisions on how they use energy.

The results were gathered from a survey of 5000 residential properties around Australia.

Average daily electricity benchmarks are by regulation, a requirement for any residential electricity bill in Australia. These benchmarks are to be used as a guide only, as the amount of electricity any home uses, will depend on a lot of different factors. Factors such as the number of occupants, appliances and usage patterns, to start with. 

Did you know these benchmarks assume you DO NOT have a swimming pool? Therefore if you do, you are going to be using a lot more electricity than Mr. & Mrs. Average. 

To get the full insight into how the average daily electricity usage for a household in Australia is calculated, visit ENERGY MADE EASY

Enter your postcode and the number of people in your home and see what others are using in your area.

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