Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Solar Power NET Meter Easy Explanation

Do you know the answer to either of these two questions, on Solar Power NET Metering?

Question 1. Will all of the generated power from your Solar Power system be itemised on the electricity bill?

Question 2. What will the generated power consist of financially, during the quarterly electricity bill?

If you are unsure or do not know the answers to either of these two questions, then you may be suprised to know a lot of households with solar installed, do not either.

For a full easy to understand explanation or a simple explanation on Solar Power NET Metering, visit our GUIDES page where you can download our SOLAR POWER NET METER EASY EXPLANATION

Visit our webpage UNDERSTANDING SOLAR POWER NET METERING AND BILLING for a detailed version.

Sep 2015 : See our addition to this post, where we discuss a great SOLAR PV MONITORING ANDROID APP suitable for all net metering environments.

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