Saturday, June 15, 2013

Solar Power Net Meter Export Electricity

Recent research shows us that most home's installing Solar Power connected to the electricity grid via NET metering, are going to send a small percentage of the generated power back to the electricity grid, at sometime.

This can often occur when generated power from the solar system, is greater than the power used under the roof. This excess power is exported back to the electricity grid, and any financial return for this exported power, will be based on any current NET  feed in tariff offered, by the electricity retailer. Currently in New South Wales this can range from six to eight cents per exported kilowatt.

A question often asked during our SOLAR POWER ASSESSMENTS is “How much of the generated power will we export back to the electricity grid?”

Research by IPART & the University of New South Wales, shows the average exported power from a 2 kW solar system or smaller is around 32% to 50%. On average, households have been found to consume around two thirds of their generated solar power.

It is important to note that the amount of imported and exported electricity, will be  different for all homes, due to different energy usage characteristics and the size of any installed solar system.

Some homes manage to use all of the generated power from their Solar PV system. Any financial returns will be based on the reduced imported electricity and exported electricity within any NET feed in tariff.

For a detailed explanation, of the financial returns available, with variable electricity offsetting and exported electricity, visit our GUIDE TO NET METERING, hosted on our main website.

You can leave your comments on this subject on our SOLAR NET METERING blog page.

To see electricity used, imported, generated and exported in your home, we offer you various ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING options. Where you can see the data 24/7 from anywhere and analyse at any time. We also make the task of getting your data online, very easy. 

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