Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home Electricity Alerts On Your Mobile Phone

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Smart households are realising one easy solution to reducing home electricity, is to monitor the usage 24/7. Now whilst this is not a hard task when in the home with a wireless home energy monitor, what happens when you leave the home?

The solution is to combine technologies. Whereby the energy monitor sends it's data to the internet via a computer home energy monitor software program. In this case the software sending electricity usage alerts online to twitter, a social networking platform. Once these alerts are on Twitter, they can be either be monitored via a smart phone or sent from twitter via SMS automatically. See Energy_Monitor on Twitter as an example of this.

This is a great joining of technologies allowing for easy home energy monitoring whilst on the go. A solution that can easily be applied to small business, where monitoring the power supply could relate to profitability and safety.

An example here could be a battery business charging batteries over the weekend. Being able to keep an eye on the current drawn by charging devices. A dramatic change in the difference maybe pointing to an issue. Instantly alerted and able to rectify any problem!

On our website you will find home energy monitor software that sends alerts to Twitter.

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