Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Understanding The Time Of Use Electricity Tariff

Did you know most people on the Time Of Use electricity tariff,  could save $$$s with a little education? 

Yes it's a fact, many householders do not fully understand the Time Of Use [TOU] electricity tariff.

With a little education creating a better understanding of this tariff, you could be making big savings off your next electricity bill, just like other Aussie householders have found!

See our GUIDES page for a link to an easy to follow table, showing the cost differences for electricity used at different times throughout the week.

Stick the TOU Table onto your fridge door, making sure everyone in your home is in electricity reduction mode. Email it to friends. You just never know how much you'll save and what your friends can to.

For every kilowatt of power not used in the peak rate, but used in the off peak rate you will save around 75% off the cost! Now that is something not to be ignored!!!

Happy Home Electricity Reduction Australia....

If you've recently had Solar PV installed, then you're most likely on a TOU tariff. Most electricity meters have a sticker displaying TOU, when this tariff is used. If you're still not sure contact your electricity provider.

You really do need to understand this tariff otherwise your electricity costs can rise dramatically!

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