Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Multiple Solar Power Inverter Monitoring System

Multiple Solar Power Sources
If you are looking for a solar power inverter  monitoring system, when you have more than one solar power inverter, then we have the solution for you. For example you may have one solar power inverter on the shed and the other on your house. 

We can supply you with a home energy monitoring system, where you can see the solar power from each inverter and the sum of the two. Add to this total solar power, your total home energy consumption and you will be able to see when you are importing / exporting. 

All of this data supplying you with instant verification, as to whether it is best for you to use the free solar power off the roof or export it back to the grid. And this as you will know, will depend on whether your solar power is worth more financially than your import power costs.

So if you are finally looking to maximise the financial return from your solar power investment, why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.

When it comes to knowing your total solar and consumption and whether you are importing or exporting, we are the experts and look forward to helping you.

Call Aussie Home Energy now on 02 8064 3992.This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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