Saturday, August 11, 2012

Performing A DIY Home Electricity Audit With Your Current Cost Monitor

OK, so you have already made the move to gain the upperhand on electricity costs, by purchasing a HOME ELECTRICITY MONITOR. Even though you are now being informed of electricity usage and costs in real-time, ask yourself this. “Do you really know how much power each appliance uses and what's the cost of this power per appliance?”

If the answer is NO, then maybe you should think about performing a DIY Electricity Audit of your home. Afterall you have the main tool for this exercise, YES the monitor.

To perform an audit of your home's appliances you will need to record the standby power, the operational power and the electricity costs for all of your appliances. Householders who perform an electricity audit of their home, have a better understanding of where electricity usage occurs and how this relates to electricity costs. Once the task of the home electricity audit has been achieved, the monitor becomes the tool to keep the educated householder on track, with their home electricity minimisation program.

To make this task of performing your DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT easy, Aussie Home Energy has bundled together everything you need.

The Aussie Home Energy DIY Electricity Audit for householders with a Current Cost monitor includes:

  • Instruction Booklet on how to perform a DIY Electricity Audit.
  • DIY Electricity Audit Forms.
  • DIY Electricity Audit Spreadsheet.
  • Portable Battery Power Supply for room to room auditing. [Compatible with your Current Cost ENVI/R].

You have already invested in the purchase of your electricity monitor and most likely only just scraped the surface of home electricity savings. Ask yourself what else could you be saving? The fact is you will never know, until you perform an electricity audit. 

If you are generating electricity via renewable sources, have you reduced the waste under the roof? There is no point generating power above the roof, to partially support waste underneath it! Afterall is that not eating away at your investment?

So why not visit Aussie Home Energy's website or call their office and get your DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT started today.

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