Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 Reasons Aussie Householders Install Home Electricity Monitoring

Home electricity monitoring is a great electricity minimisation tool, used by many Aussie householder's, as one of their home electricity reduction methods.

If you too are trying to reduce your home's electricity costs and feel you are not achieving all you can, then why not take a minute to understand why these home electricity monitors, are being used by so many other householders in Australia. Used primarily in their quest to gain control again of rising electricity bills.

There are many reasons Aussie householders install home electricity monitoring, we list here the TOP 10. 

Are you missing out on electricity savings, by not monitoring your home?

  • Your electricity bill is out of control! You have no idea why and want to know FAST!
  • You want to keep an eye on your Solar PV, which can now easily be seen 24/7 easily from within the comfort of your home!
  • Your electricity usage in the home or business, needs to be analysed & monitored
  • You want access to your electricity data, when away from your home.
  • You are looking to perform your own DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT to learn more
  • You require ELECTRICITY USAGE ALERTS via SMS or the net! See our SOFTWARE page for details
  • Your home is split into two sections, whilst on one electricity meter. For example a rented apartment, where you want to know the tenant's power usage
  • You want to monitor separate circuits, such as air conditioners & pool pumps
  • You want to itemise data for electrical usage awareness, as part of your family electricity reduction program
  • You want to minimise electricity use, to offset the FORECAST ELECTRICITY PRICES

You too can choose to install home electricity monitoring as part of your home electricity reduction solution. Visit our CHOOSING YOUR POWER MONITOR page.

Knowledge is POWER in the search for CHEAPER HOME ELECTRICITY COSTS.

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