Sunday, August 26, 2012

16.5% Off The Electricity Bill Why You Should Always Read The Fine Print

Whilst any discount on electricity charges, is part of the solution for reducing home electricity costs, it is not the end solution! If your quest for lower home electricity bills stops here, you will remain being just a BILL PAYER!

Importantly we want you to understand all their is about home electricity usage, billing and costs. Knowledge is POWER remember, in being able to understand how to reduce the electricity bill and keep those costs minimised!

Many homes having 7%, 10% or 12% discounted electricity rates, do little more in their quest to reduce the electricity bill!

Being aware of the electricity retailers terms and conditions with any discounted electricity offer, be it for home or business, is the first priority. You may discuss with the electricity retailer:

  •     Contract term & early termination fees.
  •     Being able to switch back to the old tariff.
  •     What is the discount off exactly?
  •     Increases to current service charge rates.

It always pays to do the homework 100% of the time and importantly,


Watch the ABC Media Watch Program's video on WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT.

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