Thursday, August 9, 2018

Adding Consumption Data To Cloud Solar Power Monitoring

Maximise Your Solar Investment
An easy way to explain this is to use as example, the cloud based solar power monitoring solution, known as ZeverCloud. ZeverSolar inverter's power data, is simply displayed on the ZeverCloud solar power monitoring website.

Now you will see in great detail the solar generated power, but your still at a loss as to whether your importing / exporting and importantly what your total consumption is!

Our research shows when solar power is installed, often consumption in the home increases. Why? Well by having all of that free power on the roof, can mean less power reduction under the roof.

Importantly if you don't know when to use that free solar power, you could be exporting it when you could be using it, to offset more of that imported power. Now in those States, where exported power is worth little, this is where you will make money. In other States where the coin is flipped, you will want to know when not to use the solar power, as you may be getting more for it that your imported power costs. So either way you make more money by knowing when to import or export.

So let's add the consumption power data to the equation. Now this will involve using a great solar power website like PVOutput. We know with the ZeverSolar, the data in the ZeverCloud can be easily transferred to PVOutput.

So all you need to do is get the consumption data from your home onto PVOutput. Once solar power and consumption are known, then import and export is simple maths and that is where PVOutput comes in.

We offer you all the hardware to get your consumption power data onto PVOutput. We will even get the data off your cloud based solar power monitoring dashboard, onto PVOutput if it's supported.

Not forgetting consumption power data can be from multiple sources, such as the shed and home. Not forgetting we can wave the magic wand and also get multiple inverters onto PVOutput, whether they are cloud based or not.

So why not give us a call if you're finding the detailed solar power generation is simply not giving you all of the information you need. Information to allow you need to make the best of your solar power investment and really start to reduce those electricity costs.

Currently we can transfer data to PVOutput from cloud based solar power monitoring solutions such:

  • EnPhase
  • Solar Edge
  • SMA Webbox
  • ZeverSolar ZeverCloud

If your inverter is not one of these brands, then no worries we can still get the data to PVOutput.

Whatever your solar power inverter is, if you need the generation, consumption, import and export then call us on 02 8064 3992

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