Friday, September 29, 2017

3 Proven Easy Steps To Reducing Electricity Costs

After many years of performing HOME ELECTRICITY AUDITS in NSW, we would say this is NOT always the easiest, cheapest and most accurate way to reduce electricity costs.

Though we do realise the 'comfort factor' of having a power auditor in your home, can make you feel warm and fussy, knowing a solution at last is close by.

We would say you have a far better chance of reducing electricity costs quickly, when your action is based on accurate findings and facts. With years of offering electricity reduction services and products, the following three steps will get you a better end solution.

Our three steps to reducing electricity costs are solely based on findings and fact. The primary reason for our logics is simply accuracy of data! Data is easily skewed when you rely on:

  • Questions asked in the home based on the hours an appliance is used. With often varied answers from different parties

  • Varied power usage from appliances, where it is often far different from any appliance plate power rating

The reason we are asked to perform electricity audits is primarily to find answers to high electricity costs. Therefore one needs accurate methods to be in a position to supply that same data.

Therefore we would say you need to do the following:

  1. Get Your Meter And Bill Analysed : This will check the maths of the power bill and report usage patterns. Questions can then be asked and answered based on fact. When solar power is present the meter type can be questioned and checked
  2. Correct Electricity Tariff And Best Discount : Once we have performed step 1 we will know if you are on the correct tariff for your usage pattern. We will further know if you are using power in the best way to keep costs down. You may need to change tariff. Importantly what is your 'Pay On Time' discount? Why not let us see if we can get you 20%, 25% off your electricity bill?
  3. Install Simple Electricity Monitoring : Reporting in real time on how much power you are using over any time period. Making it easier for you to discover the real reason for power usage and costs. Later if you want more granularity for certain appliances, this is easily added.

All of the above three steps focus on data. Data that is either correct or not correct [the latter relating to electricity bill errors].

So if you are looking to reduce your electricity costs quickly, using a proven system that is cheaper than an electricity audit of your home, we would say you need to perform:

3 Easy Steps To Reduce Electricity Costs

Call us today on 02 8064 3992 to get the ball rolling.....

  • METER AND BILL ANALYSIS : Making sure you're on the correct tariff type to match your usage pattern and have the best discount.

  • ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM : Supplying you with the data you need to remain aware and be in an educated position to make changes.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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