Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Maximise Your Home Generated Solar Power

Australia leads the world with the number of homes having solar power installed. 

In fact well over 15% of homes have installed solar power. Yet a very small amount of those homes, have any form of energy monitoring installed. 

Meaning there are many homes with unknown financial losses and many whom are not aware, their solar power system has issues!

Installing energy monitoring allows you to be become one of the lucky householders, whom will easily know :

  • Instantly of any solar power hardware issue
  • How to maximise the use of generated power against imported power
  • Reduce exported power when there is little financial return
  • Reduce your overall power costs, by increasing efficiency of energy use and appliances

This is a great solution when compared to the average Aussie home. Where householders are only aware of issues when the electricity bill arrives. Every 3 months and that's if they check the bill! Now that could be a large financial loss!

Now in your home when you install energy monitoring you are easily going to see data that up to now has been missing. Energy data for :

Generation : Consumption : Import : Export

We believe there are 5 EASY STEPS to reducing your power costs with solar power installed.

  1. Maximise the best use of your generated solar power
  2. Minimise your imported power during the sunny hours of the day
  3. Depending on your metering, reduce exported power [when paid little for your excess power]
  4. Increase efficiency of any power used and appliances
  5. Secure the best electricity deal you can

By adding more hardware to your Realtime Solar Power Monitoring System you could also be :

  • Monitoring your 10A socket based appliances such as entertainment, freezer, tenant etc
  • Monitoring more power box based circuits such as air conditioner, pool, workshop etc

With your Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System collecting data, in real-time you will soon know :

  • What energy your appliances are using and the costs
  • When appliances are left on by error
  • The 24/7 standby power of your appliances

IMPORTANTLY by installing a tablet for your Solar Power Monitoring System in an easy to see location, you will allow everyone in the home to act on the real-time data. When everyone becomes aware of electricity usage and costs quickly, you see savings quicker!

Welcome to our world of Solar Power & Electricity Consumption Monitoring

Start your investigations today on monitoring your solar power and consumption by visiting our SOLAR POWER MONITORING page, or simply call us for a friendly chat.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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