Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dummies Guide To Solar And Consumption Power Monitoring

Now if you want to get the best out of your Net FIT solar power system, firstly you need to monitor what is going on with your consumption, generation, import and export power.

Secondly you really NEED all current clamps to be placed in the correct position. And it is this correct position, that is catching out a few to many electricians. Especially when it comes to clamping the consumption power!

There is simply no excuse for any electrician to leave a clients home, without firstly making sure all clamps are correctly placed. 

So we have again 'fine tuned' our documentation once more to hopefully reduce ALL errors! And reduce calls to our office from our clients, for an error by someone else!

We have had to create this document simply to reduce client frustration. Client frustration due to their power monitoring systems being installed incorrectly. Where the electrician has left the site and is not too interested in coming back! The client in many cases believing the electrician has done the right thing, when he has not!

The most common incorrect positioning of consumption clamps, is when the solar power feeds back through the same clamps. Resulting in the consumption being affect by the solar power generation. Easily spotted as when the sun is shining the consumption rises and falls in a similar manner. 

Investigations on PVOutput prove there are many solar monitoring systems out there, where the consumption clamps are not correct. And this error is always due to the incorrect positioning of clamps, not the hardware itself.

Incorrect positioning of clamps results in data similar to that shown below where the consumption is following the sun! Now whilst one could be trying to use up as much generated power, we know this is not the case!

Incorrect Position With Solar Feeding Into Consumption

So if your consumption and solar power monitoring data looks like the above, then you need to address that with your electrician. The solar is feeding back through the consumption clamps.

What is should look like is this.

Correct Position Where Consumption DOES NOT FOLLOW Solar

Now there simply is no excuse for any electrician to think they know where to place the clamps, as our guide clearly explains the correct position. The document is hosted on our SUPPORT page.

Remember there is only ONE WAY to monitor solar generated power and total household consumption and that is the correct way! Otherwise the data means little and is of no use!

We hope many of you whom are about to install solar power and consumption monitoring, in a NET FIT environment come across the post and understand the correct procedure, or are able to inform the electrician.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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