Monday, November 29, 2010

Fuel Poverty In Aussie Homes

More and more homes around Australia are facing fuel poverty, as electricity prices rise. A home is said to be suffering from fuel poverty, when 10% or more of the disposable income, is spent on energy bills.

Already with the recent increases in electricity prices, some householders have been forced to:

  • Have the electricity disconnected.
  • Reduce the household food bill.

If you have been affected by fuel poverty, we would like to know. Either leave your comments on this blog, or email Aussie Home Energy.

Today, earlier on the Radio National Fran Kelly Breakfast show, was a report by James Carlton on Fuel Poverty. This audio report is interesting enough, to get an idea on how fuel poverty can easily affect the Aussie household. Shocking, when we hear an electricity provider, state that prices may double in the next five years.

To listen to the 'Fuel Poverty' audio click here.

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