Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Current Cost Energy Monitor Solar Net Upgrade

Current Cost ENVI/R
For this upgrade to work your situation is you have a Current Cost ENVI/R Energy Monitor. Importantly it was connected with a gross feed-in-tariff, which has recently been switched to a net feed-in-tariff.

In Australia most Government funded gross feed-in-tariff schemes, started between 2009 / 2011. NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ran from 2010 to 2016 @ 60 / 20 cents per kW exported back to the grid.

Like other States in Australia, NSW has now switched to a net feed-in-tariff, both for existing and new installations since December 2016. Most solar powered homes in NSW, should have had the electricity meter reconfigured, to net from gross by now.

So what does that mean for your Current Cost ENVI/R Energy Monitoring System?

Well you may be ignoring it, as you will have realised the information does not make sense anymore, since switching to a net meter. Especially if you still have the current clamps in the same place, as the original gross metered install!

So how do you fix the issue and get accurate / meaningful data once again?

  • Well you need to upgrade to an online energy monitoring dashboard. Where you will use the existing hardware, to get the correct information you need. The dashboard and mobile apps will easily show you:

Generated Power
Total Consumption
Imported Power
Exported Power

  • You need to re-site the consumption current clamps in the power box

Two easy steps that will bring back life to your Current Cost Energy Monitoring System. Importantly two steps that will start saving you far more off the electricity bill, than you are now!

The HUB we offer with Free Energy Monitoring Dashboard, has plenty of mobile applications and also supports data being transferred to PVOutput. Which supports all electricity tariffs and offers email alerts.

Where you are being paid little for your unused solar power, it will really pay to know when you should be using it.

The real-time Current Cost Energy Monitoring Upgrade, will show you when to act and start saving!

Example Scenario :

  • Your exporting 7 kW per day of solar power back to the grid @ 6 cents. Worth ONLY $38 per quarterly bill :(
  • Why not use it instead? @ 30 cents import offset, that is $191 per quarterly bill :)
  • Meaning your $612 better off per year! :)

You Cannot Ignore A Possible $612 Saving!

It's not rocket science to know your losing money! By not knowing when to act! Get the data you need now, to maximise your solar power investment!

Convert your Current Cost Energy Monitoring System NOW and start saving!


This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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