Sunday, October 29, 2017

Alternate Current Cost Xively Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Current Cost LCD Energy Monitor
For those of you with a Current Cost home energy monitoring system, we thought you may be interested to know there is a far better alternative to the old stagnant Current Cost dashboard.

You may be using a Current Cost bridge or gateway to get your data onto the Current Cost dashboard. A dashboard where your data is limited in display and only displayed in 5 minute increments!

What about sending your Current Cost energy monitoring data to an energy monitoring dashboard in REAL-TIME!

You only need a hub to replace your Current Cost bridge / gateway, that's all. This new hub will scan you home for Current Cost transmitters. It's that easy, no more pairing and unpairing issues!

There are many more important reasons this exciting change will appeal to you.

Importantly for those of you with solar power, your data can still be sent to PVOutput for detailed consumption and solar analysis.

Furthermore your data can be sent to our SMART Solar Power monitoring dashboard. Where you can set up triggers to make sure you maximise any excess solar power export, by directing it to appliances within your home on autopilot, via WiFi smart plugs such as the Belkin WeMo.

So to summarise this Current Cost energy monitoring dashboard alternative:

  • 5 channels of data in 6 second realtime
  • FREE Energy Monitoring Dashboard
  • No un-pairing of existing transmitters to LCD Energy Monitor 
  • Your data still arriving on PVOutput on auto upload
  • Your data on SMART SOLAR POWER [optional] with added home automation

Upgrade Now : Visit MYCURRENTCOST UPGRADE to unfreeze your old out of date energy monitoring system and bring it some fresh exciting life! [Worldwide]

Access new features such as:

  • Email alerts for solar / consumption [PVOutput]
  • Choice of real-time mobile apps
  • Temperature, light and motion monitoring

Data To PVOuptut Service - Yes we can do that for you as well if you do not have the time nor expertise.

Jan 15th 2018 - The backdoor server Xively, for the Current Cost dashboard has been retired by LogMeIn! The Current Cost dashboard is currently frozen!

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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