Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Energy Efficient CFLs Mercury Ends Up In Council Landfill

Did you know that most energy efficient lights contain 4mg of deadly mercury?

Is you local council really doing enough to offer a safe way of disposing of this toxic waste?

Light fittings that when easily broken, discharge the deadly mercury & vapour into your garbage bin. Worse still this local large collection of mercury is then transported to a waste collection depot. Distributing the mercury on the highway, finally to be hidden and buried out of sight!

Now whilst we have not done the calculation for total mercury from all households over a year, even in our local small shire that does resemble a lot of mercury!

An amount that would ring alarm bells loudly, if it were measured and presented in kg's at the tip's door!

So how are you currently disposing of your energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights?

Aussie Home Energy would like to know. Are you as concerned as we are about this toxic waste entering our everyday lives.

Please make your vote count, leave your reply to our survey.

Our local Council the Nambucca Shire Council has a safe collection point at the local rubbish tip. But what about those people that are unable to arrive at the tip door? Yes the mercury goes into the garbage bin!

Arriving unbroken at it's final destination? We don't think so!

Energy Efficient maybe but not Health Efficient!

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