Friday, March 4, 2016

Get The Power To Switch Electricity Plans The Smart Way

BEWARE Electricity Plan Minefield!
Australia is in the middle of an electricity plan minefield! Where Aussie householders do not necessarily have all the knowledge, to be in a position to make the best choice for low electricity costs.

Commonly an electricity retailer makes you offers down the phone, which are not always bursting with clarity, but more with the pressure of:

Switch Now! We Can Help You!

Well we say switching electricity plans this way is fraught with DANGER! Simply put there are far to many 'electricity plan mines' out there, waiting for you to easily tread upon!

So let us explain a few of them, so you can walk safely:

  • The electricity retailer may be marking up the distribution network price, before offering you a discount! So 25% off one retailers offer may not equal 25% off another's
  • It may NOT be 100% clear to you the electricity retailer is going to switch your tariff type. You may be on a tiered rate, then unknowingly get switched to a TOU [Time Of Use] tariff. This will for 100% sure change your costs based on usage
  • Is there going to be higher daily service fees? This does not make much of a difference at the end of the day, unless you have a power bill for only a few hundred dollars
  • Will you get stung for any ETC's [Early Termination Charges] from your current electricity retailer? You new electricity retailer may be willing to pay you the cost of this fee
  • Agreeing to a market electricity plan offer for two years compared to a standard electricity plan offer, can often come with a bonus payment. For example $100 credit or a $50 voucher

Besides all of the above being very important 'Need To Know' facts when switching electricity retailer, one fact is SIMPLY MISSING! This is:

What Electricity Tariff Is Best Suited To Your Home?

And what we really mean by this is:

What Electricity Tariff Is Going To SAVE YOU THE MOST!

Of course when based on changes to your household's future usage. Once you know the BEST TYPE of electricity tariff to suit, then you can go about and get the BEST DISCOUNTS off your usage costs. Aim for 25% at least!

So firstly you need to know what types of electricity tariff are available in Australia. Currently there are three types of electricity tariff:

  • Flat rate where you are charged the same for each kWh ie 25 cents
  • Tiered / block rate where you are charged different amounts depending on your ongoing usage 1st 1000 kWh @ 24 cents, 2nd 750 kWh @ 25 cents 3rd 30 cents thereafter. Though often now this 3rd tier may cost less than the initial tier
  • And finally the famous Time Of Use tariff, where you are charged differently depending on when [time of day] you are using the power. This tariff has in the past famously been marketed as a way to reduce costs! Though plenty of research shows differently, we say beware young families and the elderly

So if you are not 100% familiar with the above electricity tariff types, you need to be! OK so once you understand the way each electricity tariff works, back to that question:

What Electricity Tariff Is Best Suited To Your Home?

A very hard question for you to still answer correctly! You could do one of three things:

  • Get out your electricity bills and start investigating costs and usage
  • CALL US on 02 8064 3992 so we can perform a ELECTRICITY METER & BILL ANALYSIS on your electricity bills.
  • Install a small electronic device in your powerbox and via an LCD Monitor in your home, easily display your usage and costs 24/7.

Now whilst we love helping clients with electricity bill analysis, we cannot help you with an future changes to your usage habits. 

So this is where the LCD Monitor comes into play when connected to a PC / MAC! A combination of the LCD Monitor's display and the FREE Software will mean:

  • NOTIFICATION 24/7 of electricity usage and costs in realtime
  • EDUCATE you on historical usage and costs, so as to make savings
  • IMPORTANTLY compare electricity tariff types to suit your home

It is this latter benefit that is going to tell you 100% for sure, the answer to that question:

What Electricity Tariff Is Going To SAVE YOU THE MOST!

You will be in a position to know if the TOU tariff is costing you 15% more than a flat rate tariff.

Finally an answer to that question! And this is what most Aussie householders 'want to know' in the first place, when they are looking to switch electricity retailers / plans!

The problem is most householders still DO NOT KNOW the answer!

So here you have it, a 100% solution that will let you know what electricity tariff is going to save your household the most, OFF YOUR ELECTRICITY COSTS!

What you are looking for is our:

Monitoring System #2 LCD Monitor #2

You simply enter the electricity retailer's tariff types and rates into the FREE Software! Then sit back and let the device do it's job, before checking in at the weekend for an update. EASY!

Check out our SYSTEM #2 MONITORING and get your LCD MONITOR #2 today!

Our goal is to help you tread carefully amongst this dangerous minefield of electricity retailer's offers. Please share this page with others.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY SAVING SERVICE industry in Australia.

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