Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Solar PV Inverter Problems On The Rise

Solar PV Inverter Problems?
Have you got or had problems with your solar power inverter? If so you will obviously know how costly that was in lost revenue!

Like any new appliance in the home, when a solar pv system is installed it's frequently checked on a daily or weekly basis initially.

Our research is showing, it is not taking long for this solar inverter checking, to soon be forgotten. Couple this with a little knowledge of the electricity bill and power analysis and there is a recipe for disaster.

It is therefore quite easy to see how a solar inverter that has problems, can go unnoticed for sometime. After all there is no alert system!

Solar inverter problems can cost you dearly, with either NO Gross FIT credit, or NO Net FIT electricity offsetting or exporting.

There are many reasons problems may occur with a solar systems inverter such as,

  • Shoddy Installation - A symptom of a shoddy solar power installation can often be where a household's energy bill does not change after the install. We will assume here the usage patterns have remained the same, as before the install. Commonly the post solar electricity bill will show little reduction of the total power cost. Your system may not be generating the required power to offset your imported power. It could even be not offsetting but exporting your power!
  • NET Meter – The choice or install of the NET meter may be affecting the gain of your solar power installation. We discuss this in depth on our SOLAR NET METERING page on our website.
  • Quality Of Inverter - You may have bought a rather inefficient badly designed cheap solar inverter, where the quality is to blame. The panels may not be matched best to the particular model of inverter and also be suffering from quality and design issues.
  • No Sunny Hour Usage - You may not be using as much power as was estimated, during the sunny hours of the day. With NET metering you could be simply exporting most of the power back to the grid for little return, as you are not using it. See our NET FIT METERING &BILLING page on our website for more details.
  • Act Of Nature – Lighting can easily create a malfunction with any solar inverter. Note this kind of damage is NOT covered by warranty. So make sure the solar power system is added to the home insurance. This usually costs little, just needing to be listed to be covered.
  • Maths – You may have not understood the maths for the reason you initially installed the solar power system. 
  • Other Causes - Unprofessional practice of many types, which has occurred in the past it seems.

If you are one of the householders whom have had issues with any of the above or are now thinking twice, then we have a solution. Yes you need to install a simple monitoring system to keep you alerted of what is happening on your roof. 
As we know you will have placed considerable finance into your solar power investment, it only makes sense to spend 'small change' to keep the investment on track.

And if you want to save further, our ELECTRICITY MONITORING SYSTEMS allow you to see also your electricity consumption under the roof. Helping you to save more and offset the cost of the solar power monitoring solution.

This blog post brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICES industry in Australia.

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