Friday, November 15, 2013

Aussies Blinkered To Reducing Electricity Usage

Blinkered To Electricity Reduction
See The TRUE Savings!
Why is it that everyone seems to be abnormally focused, just on the cost of the electricity unit?

Why is there little focus on reducing the electricity usage in the average Australian home?

We would argue that reducing electricity, is far more important than a small reduction offered by the electricity retailer, per electricity unit. After all you could possibly save far more, than ten or twelve per cent off the electricity usage costs if you reduced all of the wasted electricity in your home and also used it more efficiently.

Ask yourself are you aware of where you are using electricity in your home, when you using it and how much? Why not?

Imagine driving a car where you do not know how much petrol you have, how much petrol you use, how far you have gone and how far you have to go, to reach your destination. Imagine if that very useful dashboard, was simply not there! You would simply be out of touch big time, YES? You would not have a clue!

And guess what, this is where most Australian householders are when it comes to electricity usage and costs. Did you know there is a home dashboard for your electricity usage and costs? YES it is called a HOME ELECTRICITY MONITOR. And household electricity monitors have been on the market for well over five years!

These electricity monitors when installed in a typical Sydney home, often pay for themselves within the first quarter, sometimes many times over, with the electricity savings that are easily highlighted to everyone in the home. And it is not just the savings in electricity costs that are important, but more so the increased electricity reduction awareness.

Those householders that have taken the time to learn, where and when electricity usage occurs and what the cost is regarding the electricity used, simply know how to make electricity savings easily. Once they know this basic electricity information, they are in an educated position to make such decisions as,

  • Whether solar will work for their home.
  • How to reduce ALL standby electricity.
  • How to keep track 24/7 of electricity usage and costs. 
  • What the best electricity deal on the table is.

With no information on electricity usage and costs, guaranteed is the fact you will always remain in one place. The place of being 100% of the time, just a bill payer! Not knowing and repeatedly just paying the never increasing electricity bill. Being often kept forcibly in the loop by rushing to pay the bill on time, so as to not lose the 'pay on time' discount, offered by the electricity retailer! And the electricity retailer, LOVES people who are just bill payers, especially when they are using far more electricity than they would be, if they became Smart Electricity Users.

Of course once the electricity bill is paid, our everyday busy lifestyles means we file away the settled electricity bill. Learning absolutely nothing again of the electricity usage. And then we repeat the same process again and again.

And this is why most Australian households know little. And we end up with the situation of very happy electricity retailers and not so happy electricity users. The retailers know it is hard for the user to break the habit of just going ahead time and time again, to pay the electricity bill on-time with little resistance to anything else.

And if you are not educated at all on the electricity metering and billing, well than it is hard for you to understand how to discuss electricity usage and costs in detail, or even start to think about making a case for discussion.

If you were a little more power savvy on the other hand, you may notice what other householders notice, with that little electricity reduction knowledge at hand.

Ask yourself why is it that households similar to your own, are using less power? This is a common discussion we have with clients when starting a HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT. Householders often think there is a problem with the meter, the billing or the appliances. Often there is not! It is the unknown usage that is the issue raising the electricity costs!

The biggest problem is that there have been far to many years of electricity bill darkness, for many householders. And most householders are simply using more and more electricity. It is not hard to fall into the trap of buying an efficient appliance that uses more power due to the increase in components, features or size. Most people look at the stars but not the energy used!

If you really do want to move on from being just an electricity bill payer, then Aussie Home Energy has more than a handful of ELECTRICITY SAVING SOLUTIONS, to help remove those electricity usage and cost blinkers!

Become a smart electricity user and call Aussie Home Energy today for HELP!

This blog post and podcast brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICE industry in Australia.

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