Monday, January 28, 2013

Estimated Electricity Bills And Meter Readings

Like some other Aussie householders, you may have a lack of understanding due to lack of information, when it comes to estimated electricity bills and meter reading frequency. Therefore we thought it a good idea to explain the basics.

In Australia an electricity distributor is responsible for reading the electricity meter. The data collected is forwarded to the electricity retailer, who then sends you the electricity bill. When the distributor is not able to gain access to the meter, an estimated reading will be forwarded to the retailer.

This estimated amount on the bill, should be highlighted by the word 'estimate', or the letter 'e'. The distributor can make estimates for any period of up to 6 months, before an actual reading has to occur . A customer may choose to submit a reading to the retailer, on dispute of an estimated reading, this reading may be considered an actual read by the retailer. Where lack of access is an issue, an appointment may be asked for by the retailer to gain access to the meter.

The frequency of electricity billing, where a home is on a regular electricity contract is often every three months. Where a negotiated contract is in force, the frequency of billing will depend on the contract.

An electricity distributor has the right to enter a property to read the meter, without the prior consent of the customer.

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